21-22/01/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison

Day 1

Rich on a rocky outcrop on the far side of the Wollangambe

Views of the Wollangambe Wilderness

The first section of gorge

Start of the canyon proper

Rich on the (only) abseil

A small waterfall

Rich emerging from the very narrow swim

Canyon formation

The canyon opens out a bit

Rich bridging to avoid a swim

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Rich in the canyon

Further down the canyon

Rich on a little climb down

After a late lunch, we headed upstream until we could find a way out. Rich here climbing the pass.

Rich on the first abseil into our next canyon.

Rich below the second abseil. It was late at this stage and quite dark.

Rich in the canyon

Rich in the canyon

Rich trying to avoid a swim

Day 2

Rich in the overhang the other party had camped in

Making our way along the creek under the cliffs

Canyon in Yarramun Creek


Canyon in Yarramun Creek

We explored up a side creek, finding a tunnel and short section of canyon, before being stopped by a couple of small waterfalls

Rich admiring the tunnel

Our exit creek had a short but poor section of canyon. Rich bridging to stay dry

Rich looking back down into the creek we had climbed out of.

Unfortunately our "ridge" turned out to be more of an isolated outcrop, and we were forced to abseil to get back to the main ridge! From there it was a long walk back to the car at Mt Wilson, finishing in the dark