24/12/2011 - photos - Wollangambe Canyon - Upper Tourist Section track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caoimhin Ardren, Gemma Collett, Jason Lorch, Rebecca Lorch, Tamara Davis

Looking down at the start of the canyon

Jason afloat!

Tom jumping

Rachel and Tam relaxing

Rebecca relaxing even more!

Rachel downing G&Ts afloat

Jason takes a shower

Rachel leads the fleet down the canyon

Tam enjoying the sun

In one of the narrow sections

Canyon formation

Gemma leads the pack


Head of the River?!

Tam rides a mini rapid

Gemma negotiating a rapid

Rachel and Tam on approach

Jason and Rebecca climbing down the same rapid

The final rapid before the exit

Rebecca and Tam

Jason ensuring he is well hydrated for the walk out!

Last look up the canyon