11/12/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Marcia Kaye, Brendon Anderson, Jim Close, Rod Wales, Huw ap Rees

Vivien has some photos on his blog.

Our campsite at Newnes

Huw and the rest of the party climbing up to the pass

Brendon negotiating the narrow bit of the pass

Morning tea on the tops, looking across to the Pipeline Pass

Marcia climbing a pagoda

Looking down into Firefly Creek

Rod sliding down a chute

Vivien sliding ... faster!

Minor canyon high up in Firefly Creek

Rod on the first abseil in to Looking Glass Canyon

Brendon on the fourth abseil (or less, depending on how many drops you climb down!)

Rod belaying Marcia

Huw looking nervous at the paparazzi...

...but Vivien plays it up!

Everyone watching Brendon abseil

Rod on the fifth abseil

Vivien watching Huw abseil

Rod on the sixth abseil

Waterfall and canyon formation

Vivien avoiding a swim on the next drop

Why is no-one interested in the rock arch?!

Marcia on the last drop into Firefly

Vivien checking out the final waterfall in the main part of Firefly Canyon

Jim belaying Brendon in Firefly Creek

Vivien below the final abseil