04/12/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caoimhin Ardren, Gemma Collett

Rachel abseiling into Govetts Creek

Rachel and Gemma wading

Caoimhin on a ledge

Ominous looking clouds gather

Rachel near the start of the canyon

Caoimhin on the abseil out of the hole

Rachel at the bottom of the falls

Rachel and Caoimhin

Caoimhin and Gemma

Gemma and Rachel

Caoimhin jumping


Scrambling along ledges

Caoimhin, Gemma and Rachel

We used rope to get down in a couple of places as the water flow was quite strong

Rachel on a short drop


Rachel below the final waterfall in the canyon

Looking down Govetts Creek below the canyon

Gemma on the second pitch of the climb

Rachel on the third pitch

Caoimhin wading the pool in Alpheus Canyon

Gemma in the pool

Gemma climbing out of Alpheus Canyon

The impressive cairn on the cliff edge


Looking straight down at the falls from the cairn

Rachel, Caoimhin and Gemma on the cold, wet tops. The temperature was 9 degrees when we got back to the car

A final view down Govetts Creek as the clouds continue to descend!