15-16/10/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, James Yorston, Caoimhin Ardren, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Rachel abseiling into the first canyon

Smiffy sporting a disturbing look - Vibram FiveFingers for canyoning!

Smiffy contemplating a possible wet spot

Caoimhin on the second abseil

James on the third abseil

Smiffy below the third abseil

Smiffy on the awkward fourth abseil

James on the fifth and final abseil

Smiffy looking down from the ledge above the abseil

James further down the abseil

The creek and canyon below the abseil

Rachel starting the abseil

The side canyon that comes in below the abseil

Smiffy at the bottom of the final abseil

After lunch, setting off down the major creek below the canyon.

Smiffy climbing the pass

James on the first abseil into the next canyon

Caoimhin on the abseil

Looking down the canyon, James and Smiffy rigging the next abseil

Caoimhin on one of several short drops that made up our second abseil

Smiffy below the drops

Looking down the third abseil

Caoimhin on the third abseil

Running out of time and anchor points, we abseil from a ledge down to the junction

James above the log slide

Smiffy on the final wet abseil

Camp the next morning

James and Caoimhin climbing the scrubby pass

James at the start of our next canyon

Rachel on the first abseil

Smiffy testing the gripping power of Vibram FiveFingers (yes, they grip OK)

Smiffy on the first abseil

View down the canyon from half way down the second abseil

Smiffy at the top of the abseil

Smiffy on the second abseil

James on the second abseil

Canyon formation

James on the third abseil

Smiffy on the third abseil

James at the top of the fourth abseil

Caoimhin and Rachel

Smiffy on the fourth abseil

Canyon formation

Rachel on the fourth abseil

Smiffy further down the canyon

Caoimhin on the log walk

Caoimhin on the fifth abseil, back to the junction where we abseiled down yesterday

James on one of the scrambles below the junction

James on the log slide

James on the final abseil

Climbing the pass back up to the tops

Looking back across to our pass on the right, and canyons on the left

Skeleton of a creature (possum?) we found in a cave on the way up the pass

The party on top of the pass

Landslide across the valley

Caoimhin and Smiffy