26-27/02/2011 - report - photos - Closet Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew Glover, Bethany Hoye

Rachel also has photos and a report from this trip.

Closet Canyon

Rachel scrambling near the start of the canyon


Looking down the short jump

Rachel on the final big abseil


Glover abseiling

Glover and Bethany in the bottom of Closet Canyon


Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Glover, Bethany and Rachel scrambling up a steep section of the pass

Tom on the top

Great views down Rocky Creek from the top of our pass

Bethany and Glover in a nice cave on the tops

Contradiction Canyon

Bethany and Glover scrambling in the creek section of Contradiction

Rachel in the pleasant creek

Rachel abseiling the first short drop

Glover bridging the next drop

Bethany - splash!!

Glover on the second abseil

Bethany on the abseil with Glover and Rachel about to jump

Rachel below the third abseil

Looking back up the canyon from below the third abseil

Rachel on the fourth abseil

Glover on the fourth abseil

Rachel below the fifth abseil

Glover on the fifth abseil

Bethany before the tunnel

Canyon formation

The creek opens out and there are is a big drop to scramble

Rachel on the sixth (and last) abseil, Bethany scrambling

Bethany on the sixth abseil


A sea of stars? Glowworms directly above us. There were literally thousands of them, all over the walls

The circus has come to town - Bethany and Glover's Megamid

The bottom of Galah Canyon

Glover on the Galah exit