05/02/2011 - photos - Grand Canyon track notes - Jugglers Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Peter Tickler, Michelle

Pete on the first drop in Jugglers Canyon

Michelle on the first main abseil

Pete on the first abseil

Small snake (baby Eastern Brown?) in the waterfall - it didn't look like it was having much fun

Pete on the next abseil


Pete and Michelle

Michelle hand-over-handing another short drop

Michelle on the last abseil in Jugglers


We headed up to Grand Canyon - Pete abseiling into the canyon

Michelle on the abseil

Tom, Rachel, Michelle and Pete in the canyon

Rachel, Pete and Michelle scrambling in Grand Canyon

Michelle bridging

Pete on a small scramble

Michelle on a log walk

Pete scrambling to avoid a swim

Rachel on the same corner

In the canyon

Rachel and Pete

Michelle and Pete


Rachel watching Michelle on the swim

Near the end of the canyon