29/01/2011 - photos - Hat Hill Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Mark Landstra

Smiffy on a climb down in our first canyon

Mark on the same little drop, after Smiffy broke one of the logs to keep dry!

Mark on a little jump

Smiffy and Mark in the canyon

Smiffy exploring a side canyon

Canyon formation

Mark and Smiffy

Smiffy climbs down a log to avoid a deep pool

Canyon formation

Smiffy on a tricky little climb out


...at Hanging Rock..

...admiring the view

Another angle on Hanging Rock

Smiffy on a lovely abseil through a hole in our next canyon

Smiffy on the second abseil

Mark on the second abseil

Mark on the bottom bit of the abseil

We headed downstream to a larger canyon. Smiffy in the canyon

Mark and Smiffy