20/11/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Smiffy has some pics as well

From Newnes we climb up to a cliff line and head up to our first canyon. This section is in the lower cliffline.

Lower cliffline of the first canyon

Smiffy emerges from a bit of a squeeze

Soon we reach the slot in the upper cliffline

Canyon formation

Canyon formation


Canyon formation

Smiffy on an awkward climb

Looking down the slot

We crossed the tops and dropped down into another creek. We spotted a lyrebird, one of a few we saw that day

Canyon section in the second creek

Smiffy in the canyon

Smiffy bridging to avoid wet feet

We tried to traverse under the cliffs but got caught too high. Still, we got great views of Mt Canobla and Mt Gundangaroo

We headed up another creek. It had some sections of canyon in its headwaters

Smiffy in a small side-canyon

In the side canyon

Smiffy in the main canyon

Smiffy climbing out of the main canyon

We climbed out on to the tops and headed along dropping down into another creek

Smiffy abseiling, the only time we used the rope all day

Looking up the bottom of the abseil

Further down the canyon, this interesting historical structure

Smiffy in the canyon

Canyon formation

Smiffy lower down

Historical works

Historical works