07/11/2010 - photos - Upper Bowens Creek South Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jim Close, Dan Laver, Huw ap Rees, Kenn Clacher, Sonja Steidle, David Merrick, Nada Curac, Veronica Thorpe, John Pritchard, Candy-San Pritchard

Veronica in the first section of canyon we reached


Veronica, Sonja, Dave and Dan

Dan and Jim - synchronised bridging

John about to downclimb the first little waterfall in Corkscrew Canyon

Veronica pulling the right moves to keep dry(ish)


John and Candy-San walking down the canyon

After lunch, Dave and Dan helping Nada scramble in the lower section of canyon

Veronica on a log walk

John climbing down the log

Rachel about to do a short jump

Kenn passing the balancing stick to Jim (he actually threw it in the water!)


Log walk in the lower canyon section

Nada, Rachel and Dave waiting for a log to become free

Rachel and Dan

Canyon below the Range Creek junction

Dan relishing a bit of a brisk wade

Sonja, hoping she's judged the depth right

Sonja demonstrating the best way to get a GPS lock (in actual fact, if you put your GPS on top of your head like this, it sucks part of your brain out!)

Dave climbing up the last cliff

Sonja climbing

Candy-San on the cliff

The tyrolean (flying fox) that runs across Range Creek

The party on the fire trail out