21/03/2010 - photos - Empress Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Matt Ryan, Andrew Glover, Alex Kingston, Justin Kingston, Dave Chenu, Gareth

The Buck - Matt ready to rock and roll

Putting on a show

Matt jumping

Alex jumping

Creek walking

Getting near the abseil - Alex, Matt, Justin, Dave and Gareth

Uh oh, there's a bit of a queue at the abseil. One of the groups in front has had an incident, though we don't realise straight away

Glover and Dave trying to work out what's going on

The rest of our group, waiting

The group in trouble has gone back up the canyon without abseiling, but there's still a few more people to go

...and still waiting!

Dave jumping - Glover going "Noooo?!"

Justin abseiling

Dave abseiling

A commercial group starts next to us

Matt racing down...

and edges ahead...

Now we've got three on the waterfall!

One of the commercial group jumping