13/03/2010 - photos - Claustral Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith, Andrew, Miranda, Charlotte, Michael

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Looks like a lovely day! Smiffy and Charlotte at the Claustral car park

View over Mt Banks and the Camels Hump

Charlotte climbing down the tree roots

The peanut gallery watches - Smiffy, Michael, Miranda and Andrew

Andrew and Smiffy watching on another scramble

Smiffy goes for a swim


Charlotte watching Miranda slide in

Charlotte wading

Red fungi

Smiffy and Michael watching at the first jump in

Smiffy on the second jump

Miranda on the first abseil

The rope hanging down from above the second abseil

Miranda on the second abseil

Looking up the third abseil

In the Black Hole of Calcutta

In the Black Hole

In the Black Hole

At the Ranon junction - Miranda, Smiffy, Michael, Andrew and Charlotte

The short swim after the junction

Ferns at the junction




Smiffy wading

Nearing Thunder Gorge - Smiffy, Miranda and Charlotte

A largish fish at the Thunder junction

Blue tongue lizard

Charlotte on the first abseil/hand-over-hand


The Tunnel, with the water going straight through

Swimming the Tunnel

The second hand-over-hand

Looking back up Thunder Gorge at the party behind

The weather closes in again as we climb out