07/03/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rod Smith, Andrew Baker

Looking down our creek. It doesn't look too impressive

Rod wading over fallen branches...which cover a drop of several metres!

The canyon is looking better now, but why is Rod scratching his head?

To avoid ringbarking the tree, we throw down a log and abseil off that through the hole

Rachel in the canyon


Canyon formation



Rod and Andrew

A side canyon enters, maybe worth checking out on a future visit

Everyone looks happy at the next drop!

Andrew abseiling

Rod abseiling

Rachel abseiling

Rod filming Rachel

Rachel at the bottom of the abseil

In a large chamber...

...but we are not the first

Looking back through the chamber

Canyon formation

Rod on an awkward little drop

There are a few more small drops which we can walk around

Views from our climb out