23/01/2010 - photos - Whungee Wheengee Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jonathan Potts, Sarah Jones, Samantha Miller, Melinda "Milly" Miller

Sarah climbing down the tree roots to the Wollangambe

Milly abseiling in to Whungee Wheengee

Jonathan abseiling

Sam in the canyon

Canyon formation

Sarah and Jonathan

Rachel, Sam and Milly at the end of a long passage

Milly and Jonathan looking at a dead frog

Everyone watching Sam climb down

Canyon formation

Sarah and Jonathan in a passage

Most of the crew - Sam, Milly, Jonathan and Sarah

Rachel on the first abseil in the canyon


Looking down the first abseil


Rachel on the second abseil



Canyon formation

The party at the bottom of the second abseil

Descending the little jump downs near the end

Everyone below the jump downs

Jonathan at one of the jumps

Milly in the canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Sarah and Milly swimming in the Wollangambe

Sam ready to walk out

Sam and Milly back at Cathedral Reserve