07/01/2010 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren

With Rachel having a study day and Zig heading off for a walk down the valley, Caoimhin and I headed off for another canyon. We walked up a creek, climbed up a scrubby ridge to the cliffline and then searched left and right for a route up. Caoimhin found one to the right, while I went back and found a possibility to the left, which seemed a bit more exposed. Returning to Caoimhin's one, we scrambled up boulders up a waterfall and into the creek above. Further up a series of ledges allowed us to quickly climb out the right hand side and on to the tops for great views and morning tea.

Then it was a stroll up the open ridge to where we headed down a spur into a minor gully. Clifflines quickly appeared on one side, the gully joined with a larger one, and a couple of drops were easily skirted. A larger drop needed a short scrubby abseil. The canyon threatened to emerge, but never quite came. Further downstream a short but low quality canyon section gave some interest before lunch.

After a break, some pleasant creek walking took us to a more interesting looking drop which we rerigged off a different tree. Below this the creek dropped into a good looking section of canyon via a two stage abseil. Several more abseils followed, one of nearly 40m, whicn was a highlight. A final short abseil brought us out into a larger creek. Rather than swimming we wandered along a ledge for a bit. Not content with my easy spot to abseil, Caoimhin insisted on leading us to a scrubby, muddy spot for a final shitty abseil into the creek, the highlight of the day!

Then it was off down the creek trying to make it back to camp before dark. There were a couple of awkward drops, including one where we got out the handline, but after that the going was good, and we were back at camp with half an hour or so to spare.