06/01/2010 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Caoimhin Ardren, Margaret "Zig" Archibald

We had had a longish day the previous day, and since it was my birthday I was keen to be back in time for snacks and the bottle of sparkling red. We headed off for what we hoped would be a shortish canyon. Leaving the car back along the road, we headed across a creek and up the ridge on the right, surprised to find tape from trees marking a route. Though it helped a bit, the tape turned out to be for animal traps, and as it became less and less tracked we made our own way up the ridge. Scrambling around on a high ledge, we dropped into the creek, and climbed up the other side looking for a pass out. Eventually we found one, and wandered above our canyon for a while before walking down into a side gully. A few short abseils brought us into the main creek, in a low quality section of canyon. Out of the sun, we had a stop for lunch, before continuing down the creek. The canyon was particularly disappointing, ending quickly, and while the creek was pleasant, there was no more canyon. To top it off, there were no abseils, so we could have easily continued walking up from the bottom. Caoimhin and I explored a possible pass out on the other side, before continuing down to the end.

Despite the rumblings of thunder and the rapidly greying sky, we did a few abseils down a canyon-like water chute at the bottom. We startled a couple of lyrebirds in the bush, and then made our way down the opposite ridge back to the car.

The sky cleared without rain and the sun emerged again.

On the plus side we were back at camp with plenty of time to spare, so had no problem finishing the delicious sparkling red for my birthday!