01/01/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Gill Fowler, Alexa McAuley, Dave

Alexa on a hand over hand in the side creek

Gill and Rachel at the first abseil

Rachel on the first abseil - looks wet, but isn't!

Gill on the awkward start

Gill on the second abseil - might have been easier to climb down

Gill on the third abseil

Looking down the fourth abseil

Gill at the top of the fourth abseil

Cairn anchor for the fifth abseil

Dave on abseil with Rachel on the half way ledge

Dave and Alexa watching Gill abseil

Gill and Rachel, as the rain comes pouring down

Alexa, Gill and Dave

Gill on the fifth abseil


Dave in the rain on the fifth abseil

Looking down the sixth abseil

Dave on the sixth abseil

A short optional seventh abseil

Attractive cavern

Alexa on the short abseil

Scrambling up to the ledge for the eighth abseil

Rachel on the eighth abseil, with the arch visible to the right

We reach the junction with Firefly Canyon - waterfall in Firefly Creek