28/11/2009 - photos - Ranon Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston, Caoimhin Ardren, Anthony Dowle, Sacha Vidler, Nick Brennan, Giles Buchanan, Peter Gardner, Wilson

Sacha on the first hand over hand in Mistake Ravine

Tom with Wilson

Nick on the second hand over hand

Nick and Pete on the slippery log

Giles and Nick in a sea of greenery

Giles, Ant and Sacha

Blue-tongue lizard

Scrambling a bouldery section

Caoimhin on a short drop

Sacha and Ant

We were caught up to by Dave Noble's party - Chuin-Nee and Ant abseiling on either side

Ant abseiling

Nick on the main drops to the Claustral junction



Ant in front of the Black Hole of Calcutta

James belaying


The Black Hole of Calcutta


Caoimhin with Wilson

James in the Tunnel Swim (or wade)

Giles and Caoimhin with Wilson, below the second short drop near Rainbow Ravine

James watching Sacha abseil

Tom in the kilt, and Sacha, the kilt provider

The party - James, Caoimhin, Ant, Nick, Pete, Sacha, Tom, Giles and Wilson

Mt Banks with the Camels Hump in the foreground