26/01/2009 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Andrew Glover, Bethany Hoye

Rachel also has photos from this trip.

Bethany abseiling the main cliff

Rachel on the second abseil into the creek

Massive boulders

Bethany scrambling a short drop

A tyre - we found another further downstream

Rachel in Govetts Creek

Rachel peeking out from the keyhole

Rachel abseiling

Glover in the keyhole

Rachel belaying

Glover abseiling

Rachel, with Glover belaying

Bethany abseiling

Walking in the canyon

An interesting scramble up


Canyon formation


Bethany - is she asleep?


Rachel scrambling a small waterfall

Canyon formation

Bethany in a waterfall

Canyon formation

Bethany and Glover

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Glover jumping the final drop

The cliffs that we intend to scale


Glover on the second pitch

Rachel on the traverse on the third pitch

Govetts Gorge

1/3/53 - who and why?

Rachel scrambling in Alpheus Canyon, Bethany about to enjoy a short swim