18/01/2009 - report - photos - Fortress Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Sacha Vidler, Bel Kinneally, Dan Smith, Bec Villis, Igor Neumann, Andrew Glover, Bethany Hoye

Rachel also has photos from this trip.

The party wetsuiting up at the start of the canyon

Bel about to launch

Splash! Bec jumping

Glover swimming the first canyon section

Glover jumping

Rachel doing her patented "beached whale" manoeuvre

Looking down the canyon - Rachel, Bec, Sacha

Bec jumping

Bethany jumping

Canyon formation


Bethany photographing

Rachel and Sacha

Glover and Bethany

Sacha jumping the abseil

Bel checks out the drop

Glover abseiling

Canyon formation

Views from the lunch spot



Lockley Pylon from the climb out



Climbing up to the Fortress

The walk back along the ridge