10-11/01/2009 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Chris Berwick

Rachel and Chris in the mini-Arthurs

Rachel abseiling near the start of Arthurs Canyon

Looking down the canyon

Chris abseiling

Scrambling in the creek

A small waterfall

Canyon formation

Bungleboori Creek


At the start of Luna Park Canyon

Rachel on the difficult abseil

Rachel through a rock arch

Another rock arch

Canyon formation

Chris abseiling

Canyon formation

Rachel abseiling

Rachel on a very short abseil

Looking down the final abseil, another rock arch awaiting

Rachel on the final abseil

Dead tree

Our campsite on the Bungleboori

Rachel negotiating a narrow ledge 20m above the Bungleboori

Rachel and Chris at the top of the pass

Chris on a log slide in Dead Tree Canyon

Rachel and Chris on another log slide

Chris abseiling

Chris on another log slide

Rachel on the log slide

Chris abseiling into the cavern

Chris in the cavern


Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Rachel on an awkward abseil

Looking back up the canyon

Rachel on the final drop - we probably could have bypassed this

Making our way up the Bungleboori


Rachel in a logjam

Rachel in a pretty section of the Bungleboori

Water worn potholes

Impressive wall

The amazing wall from another angle

Chris and Rachel in Hailstorm Retreat Canyon