18/10/2008 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren

Coorongooba Camping Area

Caoimhin on a ledge on our climb

Caoimhin traversing a narrow ledge

Caoimhin on another narrow ledge

Rock orchids

Caoimhin on the first short abseil

Caoimhin on the fourth abseil

Tom on the fourth abseil

Looking down to where the canyon proper starts

Lyrebird nest

Caoimhin throwing the rope

Looking down the canyon - this looks more impressive!

Caoimhin on the sixth abseil

Caoimhin bridging

Tom at the top of the seventh abseil

Caoimhin on the seventh abseil

Caoimhin on the eighth abseil

Caoimhin on the final overhanging abseil out of the canyon

Beautiful Coorongooba Creek

The following day we explored a creek that had a small section of canyon in it

Waterfall below the canyon

Impressive cliffs