05/03/2006 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston

Rachel wasn't too keen on the canyoning today and we need something short, so James and I went off to do a short canyon a bit of a way down the road. We set off up the track and soon reached a saddle where we headed off cross country. There was a bit of scrub to deal with up to the ridge, and then more down the other side before we got into the catchment for our little creek.

The first abseil was down a rather slimy waterfall, and we were both dirty by the bottom. The canyon wound around and down another short drop, which James lowered himself down, and I sidled around until I could get down further along. There was a little side canyonette coming in here. There wasn't much more to the final abseil, off a long sling. Then we were at the end of the canyon, although still a long way above the ground!

We traversed around under the cliffs to a bit of a viewpoint. We continued under the cliffs through fairly painful scrub for some time, heading slowly down to reach the next line of cliffs. We could hear some voices below by this stage. At the final cliffs we found ourselves a tree and abseiled off, raining dirt and stones on the path below, while tourists gawked at us.

A quick walk back to the cars, and we were still late. Not such a short canyon after all!