20/01/2006 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Mitchell Isaacs

169_6995.jpg (105411 bytes)

Mitchell under a delicate arch

169_6996.jpg (108910 bytes)

Another view of the arch

170_7002.jpg (71032 bytes)

Mitchell on abseil

170_7005.jpg (82072 bytes)

Mitchell in the canyon

170_7007.jpg (74715 bytes)

Waterfall in the canyon

170_7009.jpg (85668 bytes)

Canyon formation

170_7010.jpg (82245 bytes)

Canyon formation

170_7011.jpg (79182 bytes)

Canyon formation

170_7013.jpg (79121 bytes)

Mitchell on the last abseil

170_7017.jpg (71968 bytes)

Looking up at the cliffs back at the Bungleboori