04/12/2005 - report - photos - Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Bevan, Jiri Svec, Catherine Barnes, Kate Lord, Emile, David Carmichael

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Cat on the second abseil

167_6706.jpg (123249 bytes)

Emile on the first abseil

167_6711.jpg (90814 bytes)

Cat on the third abseil, into the creek proper

167_6712.jpg (92399 bytes)

The little amphitheatre at the bottom of the abseil into the canyon

167_6713.jpg (96467 bytes)

Kate on the third abseil

167_6718.jpg (95150 bytes)

Kate, Emile and David in the amphitheatre

167_6719.jpg (89932 bytes)

Kate abseiling into the canyon

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Canyon formation

167_6727.jpg (50461 bytes)

James in the canyon

167_6729.jpg (51412 bytes)

Nicely striated walls

167_6733.jpg (61052 bytes)

Jiri on the fifth abseil

167_6735.jpg (70627 bytes)

Emile on the fifth abseil

167_6736.jpg (61279 bytes)

James on the sixth abseil

167_6743.jpg (67468 bytes)

Cat and Jiri picking their way along a ledge in the Wollangambe

167_6746.jpg (89001 bytes)

Cat and Jiri relaxing over lunch

167_6747.jpg (71248 bytes)

A waterfall dropping into the Wollangambe

167_6750.jpg (75917 bytes)

The Wollangambe near Waterfall of Moss Canyon

167_6755.jpg (73998 bytes)

Loren does one of the jumps

167_6758.jpg (66570 bytes)

The Wollangambe (with Whungee Wheengee Canyon in the background) from a lookout on the exit ridge