14/10/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Lisa McGinnigle

I managed to forget my maps, a memory card for my camera, my cup and food in general (although I had my camping box which had a few packs of two-minute noodles). Not great planning for a Friday/Saturday that was supposed to involve some exploration, taking photos of the waratahs and camping out on Friday night. Still, it didn't work out too badly in the end.

Lisa and I did a quick trip through Crooked Crevice, which I figured we could do without the map. The bank below the abseil in has been quite badly eroded in the couple of years I've been visiting. A shame, as the canyon is still in reasonably good condition otherwise. We abandoned a plan to do Tiger Snake as well, in favour of waratah hunting. Without a map, I had a bit of trouble locating the track on the way out, but it didn't take us too long to find.

Back at the car we headed out on the Galah Mountain Rd and spent over an hour shooting pictures of waratahs and other flowers. I dropped Lisa back at her ute at the Bungleboori Picnic Area, and then collected some firewood and headed out to the end of Waratah Ridge Rd to get away from it all. I had a peaceful afternoon and evening around the campfire reading my book.

I was finishing breakfast around the fire in the morning when a couple of cars rolled up. I was a bit surprised to recognise Rik, out with a few friends to go looking for a new canyon in the area. I was tempted to join them, particularly as I'd wanted to do a bit of exploring, but needed to be back in Sydney by the afternoon, something that didn't seem likely! Instead I headed to Medlow Bath and walked out to Sooty Crag to find a climbing shoe I had lost a number of weeks before. I was quite surprised to find it was still there, right where we had been climbing! I celebrated by heading into Katoomba and buying myself an overnight pack at Summit Gear, before hitting the road back to Sydney