12/02/2005 - report - photos - Bungonia Creek Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren, Bram, Jane, Steve Thomsen, Brenda, Damo, Jimmy Jeff

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Gum trees on the ridge at the start of the canyon

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Damo, Jane and Bram next to the interesting rock formation in the creek

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Jane bouldering past the water

img_4842.jpg (106414 bytes)

Bram works the move

img_4843.jpg (102987 bytes)

Steve making it look easy

img_4844.jpg (86551 bytes)

Jimmy Jeff keeps dry

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The first drop, about 40m

img_4849.jpg (92485 bytes)

Brenda jumps

img_4850.jpg (100082 bytes)

Jimmy Jeff in mid air

img_4851.jpg (100156 bytes)

Damo about to hit the water

img_4852.jpg (96603 bytes)

Steve jumping

img_4853.jpg (93091 bytes)

Bram on abseil at Bungonia Falls

img_4856.jpg (97091 bytes)

Damo near the bottom of the falls

img_4858.jpg (93479 bytes)

Bungonia Falls from top to bottom

img_4860.jpg (67799 bytes)

Jane waiting for everyone to complete the abseils

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Steve belays while Bram and Jimmy Jeff try and avoid a swim

img_4871.jpg (75054 bytes)

The final series of abseils

img_4872.jpg (87768 bytes)

Bram - or is it Krusty the Clown?