09/01/2005 - report - photos - Fortress Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Tom Gleeson, Pete Harvey, Jacqui Knox, Jamal, Greg Salway, Anne Nguyen, Miranda, James Bevan

James Bevan also has photos from the same trip

106_0615.jpg (83223 bytes)

Rachel on an early wade

106_0616.jpg (83727 bytes)

Greg abseiling the first water jump, with everyone else waiting

106_0617.jpg (37939 bytes)

Jamal catches a baby water dragon

106_0619.jpg (95348 bytes)

Anne and James

106_0620.jpg (106460 bytes)

A cold swim awaits...

106_0622.jpg (90794 bytes)

Jacqui on her first canyon abseil

106_0624.jpg (101543 bytes)

Canyon from the top of the first abseil

106_0627.jpg (73896 bytes)

Anne on abseil

106_0628.jpg (70281 bytes)

Canyon formation

106_0630.jpg (82248 bytes)

The party at the waterfall into the Grose

106_0632.jpg (55732 bytes)

Lockley's Pylon

106_0633.jpg (98549 bytes)

Anne, James, Jamal and Jacqui, almost ready to leave

106_0635.jpg (68854 bytes)

The party winding its way up the Fortress