05/01/2005 - report - photos - Ranon Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Zky Liang, Eva Mak, Greg Salway, Jarret Napper, Corey Robinson

105_0542.jpg (74585 bytes)

Jarret on the log slide

105_0544.jpg (65664 bytes)

Corey rides the log

105_0545.jpg (64471 bytes)

Zky sliding down the log

105_0550.jpg (42036 bytes)

Zky and Eva in the cavern before the final abseils

105_0551.jpg (71795 bytes)

Jarret on the first of the drops into Claustral

105_0552.jpg (73932 bytes)

Eva at the top of the series of drops

105_0555.jpg (65521 bytes)

Eva on the abseil into Claustral

105_0561.jpg (62912 bytes)

Zky on the final abseil into Claustral

105_0569.jpg (46839 bytes)

Canyon formation

105_0577.jpg (41380 bytes)

Zky in the canyon

105_0578.jpg (64771 bytes)

Eva walking on a log

105_0580.jpg (61216 bytes)

Tom in the canyon

105_0582.jpg (53468 bytes)

The party in the main constriction

105_0584.jpg (82424 bytes)

A snake in the main constriction - can anyone ID it?

105_0588.jpg (39476 bytes)

The Tunnel Swim

105_0599.jpg (81914 bytes)

The party - (Back) Tom, Corey, Eva, Zky - (Front) Jarret, Greg

106_0601.jpg (102445 bytes)

"Baby" Greg Salway in his nappy

106_0602.jpg (67439 bytes)

The view from the lookout on the way out