31/12/2004 - report - photos - Heart Attack Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Lisa McGinnigle, Gill Fowler, Charles Blumer, Duanne White, Liz Drummond

104_0472a.jpg (45962 bytes)

Stunning clifflines on the far side of Heart Attack Brook

104_0476.jpg (117341 bytes)

Lisa abseiling the top cliffline

104_0479a.jpg (121509 bytes)

Gill posing for the obligatory guidebook photo

104_0481.jpg (93886 bytes)

Charlie and Jonathan on the chockstone

104_0482.jpg (78865 bytes)

Jonathan on abseil

104_0486.jpg (89164 bytes)

Lisa on abseil

104_0490.jpg (62069 bytes)

The creek drops spectacularly into the canyon

104_0492.jpg (83239 bytes)

Jonathan in a more open section of the canyon

104_0494.jpg (71672 bytes)

A lone coachwood stands in the middle of the canyon

104_0497.jpg (52584 bytes)

A poor bird we found in the canyon

104_0498.jpg (77044 bytes)

Liz on a tricky down climb

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Canyon formation in the lower section

105_0505.jpg (68930 bytes)

The party - Lisa, Charlie, Tom, Gill, Duane, Liz, Jonathan - with the cliffs of Heart Attack Brook in the background