27/12/2004 - report - photos - Grand Canyon track notes - Jugglers Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jonathan Potts

Juggler Canyon

104_0405.jpg (85196 bytes)

Jonathan on the first abseil

104_0406.jpg (88510 bytes)

Rachel on the first abseil

104_0408.jpg (114021 bytes)

Looking down the canyon from the second abseil

104_0411.jpg (98687 bytes)

Rachel on the final abseil

Grand Canyon

104_0414.jpg (63460 bytes)

Below the first abseil

104_0424.jpg (79152 bytes)

Canyon formation

104_0428.jpg (82724 bytes)

A classic open high-roofed section of canyon

104_0432.jpg (56357 bytes)

Jonathan and Rachel finish the chilly swim at the end of the canyon