27-28/11/2004 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Caoimhin Ardren, Ashley Burke, Rob Hynes

With most people heading off to visit Pipeline and Newnes canyons, we headed up a pass on to the divide and dropped into a creek Ashley and Rob had visited before. An abseil got us down to the bottom of the dry creek, and after a while we reached another abseil into a section of canyon. This was cool and dark but opened out a bit after another two stage abseil. However, there was still some more nice canyon before opening out for good. A short walk brought us to the junction with a larger, flowing creek, and after a quick break we headed upstream to find a spot for lunch.

A shady overhang provided a pleasant stop, and we had a leisurely break out of the blazing sun. A siesta was also on the cards but the numerous buzzing flies cut that short. We continued up the creek and passed through a short canyon section before climbing out into the heat of the tops. Heading for another creek, we searched around a bit to find a pass that Ashley knew, and soon found it. There was no canyon in the top section of the creek, but we had hopes for the bottom when it started to drop on a sandy bed through narrowing cliffs. Unfortunately it stayed that way - beautiful sandy open walking through cliffs on either side, but no canyon. After a kilometre of excellent creek it dropped into shady coachwood forest at the end and met up with a larger creek.

With plenty of time we left packs and explored up the this creek, where there was a short section of canyon before a waterfall. We had the option of heading back and climbing up and around the waterfall, but couldn't be bothered at this stage. We had a break, and Ashley a swim, before heading back and retrieving packs. From there it was not far to the Wolgan River, and back to camp.

We were the first group back and as it was still hot, headed to the river to refresh ourselves. The other groups trickled in, the alcohol came out and the party went til about 2am when most people headed off to bed.