14/08/2004 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, James Yorston

139_3917.jpg (83921 bytes)

A narrow section of canyon

139_3918.jpg (75996 bytes)

A dark chamber in the canyon

139_3921.jpg (80177 bytes)

James bridging to avoid a deep wade

139_3922a.jpg (17396 bytes)

The cliffs across the Carne Creek valley

139_3928.jpg (114940 bytes)

A very narrow crack near the edge of the plateau

139_3929.jpg (107653 bytes)

One of the spectacular cliffs, probably over 100m high

139_3930.jpg (109378 bytes)

James in front of a typical pagoda

139_3931.jpg (90147 bytes)

Rainbow across the valley in front of the pagodas

139_3932.jpg (79788 bytes)

James squeezes through one of the narrow cracks

139_3933.jpg (96509 bytes)

The crack from the opposite side - it looks quite unlikely!

139_3936a.jpg (170807 bytes)

And again from a little closer

139_3938.jpg (93147 bytes)

The amphitheatre of the final crack