11/04/2004 - report - photos - Devils Pinch Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, Bec Chivell, Fiona Crane

131_3193.jpg (140276 bytes)

Fi, Bec and Gill scrambling down a narrow, twisting section of canyon

131_3199.jpg (120580 bytes)

Fi trying to stay dry ... but the cameraman seems fine!

132_3203.jpg (139794 bytes)

A wallaby that met an unfortunate end

132_3211.jpg (114243 bytes)

Canyon formation near the main abseil

135_3551.jpg (112545 bytes)

Canyon formation near the main abseil

135_3552.jpg (124083 bytes)

Bec at the start of the main abseil

135_3561.jpg (52821 bytes)

Canyon formation in the lower section

135_3564.jpg (56436 bytes)

The canyon starts to open out

135_3567.jpg (115406 bytes)

Looking back up the canyon from near the end

135_3569.jpg (111898 bytes)

Canyon formation near where it starts to open out

135_3570.jpg (129583 bytes)

Gill at the top of the final big abseil

135_3573.jpg (138271 bytes)

Gill near the bottom of the final abseil