20/02/2004 - report - photos - Bungonia Creek Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler

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Gum trees backed by a brilliant blue sky

131_3150.jpg (134433 bytes)

An upper section of Bungonia Creek

131_3151.jpg (93670 bytes)

Unusual rock formation in the middle of the creek

131_3153.jpg (128013 bytes)

Gill picking her way around one of numerous pools

131_3154a.jpg (112357 bytes)

Bungonia Falls - minus the falls

131_3157.jpg (125502 bytes)

Gill on the Bungonia Falls abseil

131_3159.jpg (126331 bytes)

Gill nearing the bottom of Bungonia Falls

131_3163.jpg (110237 bytes)

Gill on the final long drop

131_3165.jpg (97699 bytes)

Gill on the last bit of the final drop - believe it or not this is still 10m above the water

131_3168a.jpg (136666 bytes)

The final set of falls, again minus the water