10-11/01/2004 - report - photos - Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Chris Berwick, Greg, Christian, Marcello

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Marcello on an abseil in Hole-in-the-Wall

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Christian on an abseil in Hole-in-the-Wall

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Christian belaying in Hole-in-the-Wall

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A short swim up the Bungleboori after Hole-in-the-Wall

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A typical Bungleboori scene - pagoda ridges near Banks Canyon

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Chris on the ridge above Banks Canyon

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The party at the top of North East Canyon

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Canyon formation in Banks Canyon

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Greg on a short swim in Banks Canyon

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Banks Canyon after it opens up a little

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Greg, Marcello and Chris around our little campsite on the Bungleboori

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An early morning swim down the Bungleboori

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The start of Crikey Canyon

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Marcello on the first abseil into Crikey

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Christian and Chris deep in Crikey Canyon

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The long cold swim at the end of the Crikey Canyon constriction

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Chris on a drop in Crikey Canyon

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Canyon formation near the bottom of Crikey Canyon

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Marcello on one of the final abseils in Crikey Canyon

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Christian on one of the final abseils in Crikey Canyon

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The party - Chris, Greg, Tom, Marcello, Christian - on the walk back to the cars