31/12/2003 - report - photos - Mt Hay Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, Andy Wilkinson

127_2793.jpg (82924 bytes)

Mt Hay Canyon from the car park at the end of the Mt Hay Rd

127_2797.jpg (74194 bytes)

An attractive waterfall early in the canyon

127_2799.jpg (109407 bytes)

Andy at the top of the main drop

128_2802.jpg (93562 bytes)

View down the main slot

128_2803_merge.jpg (76345 bytes)

The big drop from the bottom

128_2808.jpg (108446 bytes)

Gill at the final jump at the end of the canyon

128_2809.jpg (106199 bytes)

Andy at the final jump

128_2814.jpg (106696 bytes)

Andy belaying Gill up the exit climb