12/12/2003 - report - Tiger Snake Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Nick Brennan

My brother Nick was out from the UK for a bit so I thought it would be a good opportunity to take him canyoning. Unfortunately the weather thought otherwise. I wanted to do Hole-in-the-Wall as it is a reasonably straightforward but enjoyable canyon, but the rain pouring down made me worry about the Bungleboori. I decided to head to Tiger Snake instead.

Nick unfortunately hadn't brought a raincoat so changed into his spring suit in the car park. We got to the canyon quickly and did a couple of abseils in the top section to practise. The bottom section was excellent, although Nick had a challenging time leading off the big abseil.

The rain was still coming down so we had a quick lunch under the big overhang and then headed out. I was staying up the mountains for a bushwalk/canyon the next day, so we headed for Lithgow. We just missed a train, and I thought we might be able to beat it to Katoomba. We missed it by a couple of minutes, so we had pizza and he jumped on the next train back to Sydney.