12-13/07/2003 - report - photos - Tiger Snake Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, David Noble, Chris Collier, Sarah Truscott, Clare Ly, Rik Deveridge

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Clare, with her friends the log and "Yalumba"

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Clare, using the log as a pillow

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Dave, evilly offering Clare some more wine!

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Chris, denying that he was taking photos that night

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Sarah and Cat look on in amusement

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Clare and her friends again

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The next day - Chris photographing from a nice pagoda

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Looking down into a possible canyon

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Chris on the pagoda again

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Walking down into the creek

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A short section of canyon

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The same section of canyon from the bottom

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Dave and Clare scrambling in the canyon

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Cat climbing into the bottom of the canyon

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Cat and Clare in the bottom of the canyon