21/01/2001 - report - Fortress Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Liz Edye, Matt Dowle, Keah Molomby

I just bought myself a rope and harness, and felt the need to use them, so I convinced Matt, Liz and Keah to do Fortress Creek. It only has one abseil and the book gave it a grade 2, so I figured it should be reasonably easy.

We headed off up the fire trail and on to a narrow track, which crossed back and forth across the creek a number of times. Eventually we had to get our feet wet and the track pretty much disappeared. Soon we came to the start of the canyon.

An exciting jump in was followed not too long after by the abseil. There was another cold swim after this but we came out all too soon to the end. The view is spectacular though, out over the Grose Valley, and we sat down for lunch. Unfortunately I found I had left my map and canyon book outside my dry bag once we started swimming! Luckily it was a warm day and they dried out (a little the worse for wear).

After lunch we climbed out and walked back along the ridge to the car. A nice easy day of canyoning.