The rethreaded figure-of-eight knot is an essential knot to know for a couple of applications. It is used around trees for setting up abseil anchors, and it is used by climbers to tie into the end of the rope.

It is very easy to recognise when it has been tied correctly, so is easy for a leader to check.

It is identical to the figure-of-eight on a bight, except that it can be tied around existing objects, while the figure-of-eight on a bight forms a loop that must be clipped to used.

rethreaded_figure-of-eight.jpg (21106 bytes)
Start with a figure-of-eight knot in the rope and feed the free end through or around the object that the knot will be anchored to. In this case the free end has been fed through the harness loops. 138_3872.jpg (20765 bytes)
Begin retracing the original knot starting from where the free end emerges. 138_3873.jpg (21690 bytes)
Continue retracing the knot... 138_3874.jpg (21521 bytes)
... until you reach the end. 138_3875.jpg (20986 bytes)

Pull tight and set the knot.

This one has been backed up by an overhand knot above the figure-of-eight. This is not necessary, but prevents the loose end from getting in the way.

138_3876.jpg (19772 bytes)