Coachwood Canyon is a pleasant but fairly open canyon flowing into Rocky Creek. The coachwood forest higher up in the creek is impressive, and the abseils are interesting.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to drive to the starting point.

From the Rocky Creek car park, follow a very faint track N, then NE, before it swings E along the ridge towards the 973 point. Head NE down into the creek, trying to avoid cliff lines. Many entry points exist - we have managed to scramble as far downstream as MGA481141 (AMG480139, Rock Hill) - but higher up it will be easier to get down to the creek.


If you follow the entry directions you should come in just below a 35m waterfall. If you come in above the waterfall you will need to abseil. The first drop is 25m to a ledge, and then the next drop of 10m can be abseiled or scrambled to the left.

Follow the attractive creek for some way. This involves a couple of scrambles after the creek drops through boulders.

Eventually you hit the canyon proper. From an anchor above a pool, you can scramble around the 4m drop to the right if desired, to an 8m drop with a tricky start due to the angle of the rope. This requires about 40m of rope as the first drop is set back. Then scramble through a hole, and from inside there is a 6m drop down a waterfall into a shallow pool. Alternative anchors exist that don't go down the falls, but you can avoid getting wet if your technique is good. Finally a 12m drop from a thread on the right, or tree on the left, gets you to Rocky Creek.


Downstream to the normal Rocky Creek exit, or upstream to the Rocky Creek climbing exit, or through Rocky Creek. Upstream is highly recommended, but you should bring wetsuits or warm clothing as you will almost certainly have a few cold swims.


Coachwood Canyon is a nice trip, with an impressive coachwood forest in the upper part of the creek. The canyon itself is of lower quality, with a few nice abseils. For a good summer trip, it is worth taking wetsuits and exiting by reversing Rocky Creek. Otherwise, if you scramble around the pool above the two part abseil then you shouldn't need wetsuits at all.

Tom Brennan : : updated 2007-10-28