This is a progressive selection of some of the better canyon photos that I have taken. Many of them can be found in the canyoning screen savers on the web site. The photos hopefully improve from the first gallery to the last, as my technique and camera technology improves. They are all taken with digital cameras. Links take you to the photo page for the trip on which the photo was taken.

September 2003 - September 2004

124_2403.jpg (69555 bytes)

Arethusa Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

127_2784.jpg (53177 bytes)

Bjelke's Mind Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

128_2803_merge.jpg (76345 bytes)

Mt Hay Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

128_2809.jpg (106199 bytes)

Mt Hay Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

128_2827.jpg (86992 bytes)

Surefire Canyon, Blue Mountain NP

128_2835.jpg (84561 bytes)

Galah Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

128_2854.jpg (59031 bytes)

Banks Canyon, Blue Mountains NP

131_3168a.jpg (136666 bytes)

Bungonia Creek Canyon, Bungonia SCA

135_3561.jpg (52821 bytes)

Devils Pinch Canyon, Wollemi NP

140_4080.jpg (105224 bytes)

Canyon, North Grose Area, Blue Mountains NP