02/09/2006 - notes - photos - report

Participants: Matt Dowle, Anthony Dowle, Peter Gardner, Rhys Hearne, Dave Vadas, Ken Shepherd, Tom Brennan

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Pete at the top of the first drop, with Mt Solitary and the Ruined Castle (the small bump) in the background

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Looking down the first abseil, with Ant belaying

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Matt on the second abseil

185_8527.jpg (74625 bytes)

Rhys and Ken, with Malaita Wall in the background

185_8529.jpg (73717 bytes)

Rhys on the second abseil

185_8530.jpg (84108 bytes)

Ken with Narrow Neck in the background

185_8531.jpg (73871 bytes)

Ken on the second abseil

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Pete at the top of the third abseil, with the Three Sisters in the background

185_8535.jpg (91063 bytes)

Dave on the fifth abseil

185_8542.jpg (79274 bytes)

Pete on the sixth abseil

185_8545.jpg (99369 bytes)

Ant jumps into a tree

185_8552.jpg (76732 bytes)

Rhys - don't try this at home, folks

185_8557.jpg (106292 bytes)

Matt jumps into a tree ...

185_8558.jpg (112549 bytes)

...and gets tied up...

185_8559.jpg (104785 bytes)

...by Pete and Ant.

185_8561.jpg (99913 bytes)

Pete forward abseiling the last drop

185_8563.jpg (65547 bytes)

Dave forward abseiling

185_8568.jpg (99201 bytes)

Rhys gets a bit of air

185_8569.jpg (93453 bytes)

Ant gets lots of air

185_8572.jpg (94708 bytes)

The party at lunch